The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is partnering with Did You Know Publishing, Inc. to host A Journey Beyond Diversity Towards Cultural Proficiency training, on Thursday, May 3 at 4:30 p.m.

A Journey Beyond Diversity Towards Cultural Proficiency is designed for people in the workforce to engage in a pursuit to work more effectively in culturally diverse organizations. The objective goals include being aware of how personal biases impact relationships with others; interacting more effectively across cultures; appreciating beliefs and perspectives different from your own, and being inclusive in the decision-making in organizations. Did You Know Publishing, Inc. specializes in bringing about cultural competence into places of work, schools and communities. The training will help educators engage in the best practices that allow organizations to embed cultural competency in one’s living, learning and working environments.

“We are excited to have educators throughout the community attend this insightful training,” says Tara Riley, Special Projects Officer at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. “This course offers resources that empower educators with the tools they need to continue creating and enhancing learning environments that are inclusive for all students and cultures.”

The authors and facilitators of the training include Marla Marsh, Rita Kolp and Monica Marsh of Did You Know Publishing, Inc. and represent over 80 years of educational experience. Light refreshments will be served.

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