By Lauren Worley

Cincinnati Public Schools

The Cincinnati Public School District Board of Education has announced it has selected seven candidates to interview for the vacant school board position.

Those finalists are:

Ozie Davis III, principal, Ozie Davis and Associates

Renee Hevia, retired educator

Marcia Futel, financial services professional

Kareem Moncree-Moffett, Adjunct Professor and Consultant

Timothy West, senior managing director, Teach for America

Bernard Young, retired, City of Cincinnati Board of Health

Flora Kathy Young, retired educator

The Board will interview these candidates between 7 a.m. and noon on Friday, May 25 in an open session the Ronan Education Center. The Board will vote and announce their appointment in an open meeting that afternoon.

The Board is required by statute to fill the position within thirty days – in this case no later than June 1. The appointee will serve the duration of the vacant term through December 31, 2019. The appointed member will be eligible to run for election in November 2019.

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