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By Joseph Zettelmaier

October 19 – November 10

There’s a wolf at the door.

It’s 1767, and for three years, a mysterious, bloodthirsty creature has terrorized the countryside in the French province of Gévaudan.

Late at night, a hunter stumbles into an isolated cabin after a violent encounter with the fabled Beast. Bleeding and desperate, he implores the cabin’s mistress to help.

But inside, he finds no ministering angel; and she finds no humble patient at her door.

Based on the 18th Century legend of the Beast of Gévaudan, The Man-Beast is a taut and seductive new drama by Know Theatre favorite Joseph Zettelmaier (author of 2015’s All Childish Things and 2016’s Pulp).

With suspense, sharp-tongued dialogue and exquisite theatrical tension, The Man-Beast is the perfect next step in our season-long exploration of Fear Itself – asking us what makes someone a beast and tracing the fine line between hunter and hunted.

The intimate space of our Underground stage is perfect to amplify the tension of this intense and unexpected new play.

Production:   The Man-Beast by Joseph Zettelmaier

When:            8 p.m.  Oct. 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31; Nov. 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10

3 p.m.  Oct. 22, 29*, Nov. 4

*A pre-show brunch is available on this date with purchase of $35 “Brunch + Show” tickets in advance. Deadline for brunch reservation is Oct. 22.

Where:          Know Theatre of Cincinnati. 1120 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

 Tickets:         $25 regular price tickets

                        $35 “Living Wage” tickets, supporting working artists in Cincinnati

                       $15 Rush tickets at the door 10 minutes before curtain (when available)

FREE walk-up tickets are available on Wednesdays, as part of Know’s

 Welcome Experiment. Advance reservations to Welcome Experiment performances are $5.00. Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 513.300.5669 (KNOW).

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