Mercury Montage. Photo provided

A very dark comedy by Steve Yockey

April 19 – May 11

If Hellraiser were a sitcom, it might be like this play.

Andrew Ian Adams as Brian in in Mercury at Know Theatre. Photo provided

Know Theatre is delighted to close our 21st MainStage season with a return to the world of playwright Steve Yockey, with the regional premiere of Mercury.

Yockey, co-producer and writer on TV’s Supernatural and the brilliant brain behind past Know Theatre favorites including Pluto, The Fisherman’s Wife, and Heavier Than…, now brings us a pitch-black comic romp about what happens when people stop being nice and start getting vengeful.

From jilted lovers to nosy neighbors, marauding bears, and a missing dog named Mr. Bundles, Mercury uncovers what’s bubbling underneath the surface of suburban niceties.

As the play unfolds, three storylines converge around the strangest curiosity shop in Portland. Because, when simmering grudges reach their boiling point, this shop’s proprietor has just the right items to help feuding parties bury the hatchet.

In a world where people very rarely seem to get what they deserve, Mercury is a satisfying romp where karma has a wicked sense of humor.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or calling 513.300.5669 (KNOW).

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