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World-premiere comedy TINY HOUSES explores what happens when our world begins to shrink


CINCINNATI—Can tiny equal happy? World-premiere comedy TINY HOUSES explores this question beginning May 4 in the Shelterhouse Theatre as four young adults attempt to build a 200-square foot home. With support from The Rosenthal Family Foundation, season sponsor of new work, the play runs through June 2. Opening night is May 9.


Finding meaning through minimalism is easier said than done, as the characters in TINY HOUSES learn through a series of amusingly awkward missteps in their attempt to build a tiny house, which is constructed on stage over the course of the play.


With witty dialogue, colloquial language and references to digital behaviors and lifestyles, the play centers around Bodhi and Cath, a couple who has recently uprooted their lives, moving from New York to Oregon. They plan to build and move into a tiny house together in the backyard of Bodhi’s friend, Ollie, who makes a living selling haunted dolls on eBay. Bodhi’s childhood sweetheart, Jeyne, a YouTube star, and Jeremiah, a level-headed construction consultant, round out the millennial cast of characters.


TINY HOUSES is suitable for adults and teenage audiences. The play contains some strong adult language, alcohol use, hipster slang and low-key millennial malaise. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the Playhouse website at


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