By Sheree Tait

Ennis Tait Ministries (Project Ceasefire), Mitch Morris (Cincinnati Works Outreach Team), JC Battle Funeral Home, Patti Hogan (Price Hill), Cincinnati Police Department and multiple funeral homes will host the Ride for Peace – “Live Instead of Rest in Peace” on Saturday, August 24 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Rockdale Circle (behind South Avondale School).

This event is being hosted in and by a community that is committed to confronting so their community will become a safer place to live. The processional is designed to make a powerful statement to the community in promoting peace and non-violence throughout the city. The ride will feature a funeral-like procession led by police escort, multiple funeral cars and a combination of cars. Each vehicle will bear a funeral flag like the final ride that most victims of gun violence will take to reach their final resting place.

“Our prayer is that God will release a spirit of love and peace into each neighborhood that we touch. Additionally, we’re hoping this procession will make a huge impact on our children/youth. We need to put an end to the endless funeral processions that families have had to ride in due to senseless violence.” said Pastor Ennis F. Tait, leader of Ennis Tait Ministries’ Project Ceasefire. “We want to lay these senseless homicides to rest.” There have been over 40 funeral processions for victims of gun violence in our city this year. The estimated funeral cost to families of the victims, who potentially live in poverty, is $250,000. This is money that could have been spent on life, not death.

The procession will exit Avondale at 3 p.m., move through Corryville, Mt. Auburn, Over the Rhine, West End, Walnut Hills, Bond Hill neighborhoods and return to Avondale at about 3:45 p.m. Food and fellowship for the participants will be available until 5 p.m.

Interested participants need to enter the parking lot of South Avondale Elementary on Rockdale Avenue. If people are unable to participate in the processional, people are asked to line the streets along the route of the processional with signs and banners displaying “stop the violence” messages.

All are invited to enjoy a day of music, free food, information, resources and networking. “Please roll with us, stand with us and most of all, pray with us to bring an end to the violence and spread peace through Cincinnati,” said Pastor Tait.

Call 513 601-9685 for more information.

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