By Dan Yount 

The Cincinnati Herald 

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil has agreed to meet at his office with members of the Coalition for A Just Hamilton County Thursday morning over a request from the coalition to release former Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter, said Bishop Bobby Hilton, presidentGreater Cincinnati Chapter of National Action Network and a coalition member. 

Meanwhile, Hunter, who has served two of her three-month sentence, is getting sicker and weaker as the days go by, Hilton said.   

“We believe Sheriff Jim Neil holds the authority to release Judge Tracie Hunter based upon the three-for-one days credit when an inmate works inside the jail, as she has been doing,” he said, “Also,  

Judge Hunter, who is an ordained minister, began ministering to others upon being incarcerated July 22.  Doing the work of ministry inside the jail was implied acceptance of obtaining triple credit for days served. As of September 25, Judge Hunter has been locked up for 66 days, 198 days, when three-for-one credit is applied for working in the medical unit of the jail. 

Hilton said Hunter is housed in the medical unit of the jail, where the sick, injured and those who may need treatment for disease are served. “Need I say more regarding breathing this air continuously, with no fresh air for nearly 70 days?” he asks.   

Hilton reported that upon visiting Hunter the evening of September 23, she was sick, weak, dizzy and waiting to see a nurse.  She continues to lose weight and literally stumbled and almost lost her balance, as she walked to the area where we sit and talk,’’ he said.      

Hilton notes every person of authority he has met with has stated that, because Hunter had no prior record and presents no danger to anyone, she should not be in jail.  

“Why is she still there? ‘’ he asks. 

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