By Kevin Sasson 

Herald Contributor 


The week of September 9 to 15, volunteers from all over Cincinnati will serve to equip New Prospect Baptist Church in Roselawn with a solar power system.  

The complete system was donated by Milford-based Melink Corp.which is expanding its campus by constructing a new zero-energy office building on the ground  the solar photovoltaic (PV) array. Steve Melink, founder and CEO, wanted to ensure the existing solar PV system went to good use after it was taken down. 

Melink collaborated with SonLight Power, a non-profit organization that equips people living in energy poverty with sustainable energy through solar power.  While SonLight Power has traditionally focused on the critical needs of people in developing countries, it is excited to bring its mission field closer to home, said Kevin Sasson, executive director of Fairfield-based SonLight Power, and that is why the company has coordinated the project details with Pastor Damon Lynch III of New Prospect Baptist Church. 

This project is pulling together solar power and sustainability experts from all over the city in an unprecedented way, he said.

New Prospect places an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) to help area youth learn applicable skills.  Lynch is an advocate of hands-on learning and believes that engaging the youth of the community will help them develop valuable technical skills.  The solar PV system will serve as a showcase and empower the church to teach interested community members about solar technology and its applications.  As more and more organizations turn to solar power and sustainable practices, these skills will become increasingly valuable. 

The project provides New Prospect Baptist Church another way to engage the Roselawn community, Melik said.  Having access to a solar PV system on its campus will allow New Prospect to help the youth of its congregation and community foster interest in and build applicable skills in STEM areas. 

Lynch said, “It is tremendous to see our Greater Cincinnati community come together and equip our church community with solar power.  As sustainable energy continues to grow as an economic driver, having an on-site solar PV system to teach job skills is outstanding.  We are grateful to Melink Corporation and SonLight Power for donating the complete system and coordinating the installation of it.  We are thankful for the volunteers for setting up the system and to SonLight Power for providing the training to maintain the system.” 

The system will be commissioned in a public ceremony after the noon church service on Sunday, September 15.   

New Prospect Baptist is at 1580 Summit Road, Cincinnati, 45237. 

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