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Kristal Cunningham is a wife, mother of two handsome young men, and a pharmacist who loves living life boldly. Fueled by her passion for beautiful curly hair, she began Bold Kulture Beauty after noticing a lack of access to quality products that met her curly hair needs. 

“I wanted to let people to know that hair care can be simple, knowing your hair coupled with the use of quality products is a recipe for hair care success!” said Kristal Cunningham founder of Bold Kulture Beauty. “At Bold Kulture Beauty we are more than just a beauty supply store. We alleviate the stress of finding quality natural hair care and beauty products by brining you fact-based education, curly consultations, and hand-selected high-quality products to meet your hair care and beauty needs.” 

Founded out of necessity, Bold Kulture Beauty is designed to show those with natural hair that hair care can be simple. Realizing how overwhelming the search for sound advice and high-quality products can be, Kristal set out to help herself and others by alleviating that stress and bringing both sound advice and high-quality products all under one roof! Using the skills she developed over 12 years as a clinical pharmacist, she is able to dispel the myths and bring you the facts about hair care and why quality matters. 

Kristal is dedicated to helping others embrace their natural beauty through the use of image positive minority developed haircare and beauty products. She believes that beauty begins with self-love and is manifested through confidence. Understanding the need for self-representation in beauty, her mission is to empower women to feel beautiful and be confident knowing that they have the tools to meet their beauty needs. 

So, if you’re looking to simplify your natural hair care routine, check out Bold Kulture Beauty. Visit for tips on stress-free hair care, advice on how to address natural haircare with a positivity first approach, education, live consultations, and hand-selected high quality products to meet your hair care and beauty needs. 

Bold Kulture Beauty alleviates the stress associated with natural hair care, and empower you to feel beautiful and be confident knowing that you have the tools you need to be successful on your natural beauty journey. 

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