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The risk of ending one’s career as well as their life for speaking up against suspicious criminal activity in the workplace

Emerging author and Cincinnatian Greg Stallworth has been an advocate for transparency, truth and honesty in the workplace. Through these experiences led him to write his newly released book Cross Wires. Cross Wires speaks to the hidden casualties that are sometimes embedded behind corporate greed, manipulation and status. 

Cross Wires is a suspenseful mystery about a successful African American Corporate Executive who mistakenly receives voice messages on his office phone regarding suspicious drug activity. Caught between a vice between his loyalty to the corporation or exposing suspicious criminal activity brings about a critical decision. 

Does he risk his professional career and quite possibly his life or submit to blind injustice by staying silent? What happen next are cathartic scenes of the most suspenseful risk of being a whistle blower in Corporate America. Unsure of who is behind this suspicious drug activity in the corporation heightens the whistle blowers’ risk even more. 

Cross Wires brings to reality a serious question of who you can trust when corruption is around you in the work environment. Cross Wires is now available by going online to  or  

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