Contributed by School Board Fair

Volunteer? Coach? Tutor? Join a board? Run for office? What will you do to impact children in Cincinnati? 

School Board School will host its annual Impact Fair at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber at 3 East 4th St., 45202, on January 22 from 6:30-7:30 pm. The Impact Fair provides an opportunity for community members interested in finding out how their skills and experiences can make a difference for children in Cincinnati to connect with representatives from local non-profits, Cincinnati Public Schools, and campaign consultants.

“At School Board School, we help our participants figure out the specific impact they want to make for children in Cincinnati and how they want to make that impact,” said Elisa Hoffman, School Board School executive director. “We’ve opened up the Impact Fair to the public, because we know there are a lot of people in Cincinnati who also want to figure out how they can use their time, skills, and resources to improve educational and life outcomes for children in our community.”

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