By Michael Kevin James Davis II 

Michael Kevin James Davis II. Photo provided

These times we live in are increasingly divisive. I know that we all have a small part of us that we keep for ourselves. To a degree that is okay. 

Now that being said, we shouldn’t have entirely different people within us that we keep for ourselves. I mean it is very sad when you get to know someone and it turns out that the person whom you met was really just their Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday personality. Then they are an entirely different person on Monday. Another person on Thursday. Yet another person on Friday and Saturday. Or another entirely different person when they are around people of certain races, cultures, religions, and so on.

There is the old saying that most people are only religious on Sundays, or only on Christmas and Easter. But should you only be “your true self” three days out of a week? I mean if you wear those many masks, how can you truly know who you really are?

Some say, “People wear one mask for the public, one mask for family, and one mask for friends.” That is a copout for halting self-evolution.

Let’s all (myself included) become people who can be presented in all facets of life (inside ourselves and out). No one should be a stranger to someone whom they have known for awhile— so no one should be a stranger to themselves. Think about it! 

I will continue my column online and look forward to feedback from you. Go to Let’s not be strangers. Welcome friends. 

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