On Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 8:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM CDT), Chuck Futel, Regional Vice President at Primerica, is conducting a webinar to understand how to financially survive during the current recession.

He will talk about the financial challenges and uncertainty facing most Americans and ways to weather the storm.

Should you attend?

  • If you are concerned about your job, join us.
  • If you have lost your job, join us.
  • If you are close to retirement, join us.
  • If you are concerned about the financial security of your family, join us.
  • If your income has been cut, join us.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Before the webinar starts, you will need to decide which device will you use – computer, tablet or phone.
  2. If you do not have the Zoom app on your computer, tablet or phone, join us 5 minutes before the webinar. It may take 4-5 minutes to download.
  3. Join Zoom Meeting on your computer, tablet or phone https://zoom.us/j/568293510
  4. Meeting ID: 568 293 510
  5. Join Zoom Meeting AUDIO ONLY on your phone +1 (312) 626-6799

If you want to schedule an individual appointment, use the link below.


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