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Where are my ladies that LOVE to shop!? <Raises Both Hands> Yes you are my people. I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. I like to blame my mother, we shared the house with 3 men, so we had to make up for it with shoes, bags and clothes. My mother has the best walk in closet that you could really live in. Rows of shoes, handbags and clothes that I envied over, until I was old enough to start wearing some pieces. Sadly, not her shoes. She wears a size 7-7.5 and I was cursed with size 9.5-10 feet – God works in mysterious ways. 

Recently I was featured in Cincinnati Magazine in their style section. I was asked about my style and some of my shopping habits. I consider my style all things GIRL BOSS. It ranges from power suits to dresses. 

Make it Fashion but Make it Affordable
Designer clothes don’t make it fashion, you do. I love mixing high and low pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite trend stores are: H&M, Zara, TjMaxx, Pretty Little Things, Asos and Nordstrom Rack. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on “in trend” pieces because they change often – instead invest in staple pieces from higher ends that will last you season to season. I am guilty of buying a lot of trend clothes and end up having to give a lot of unworn or barely worn clothes away. This is where “Morgan’s Closet” came from 🙂 

Get A Great Power-suit – try other colors

I love a great two-piece suit. It is such a boss babe look! This does not mean you have to stick to black, grey or blue suits – try pastels, neons and jewel tone suits. Asos and Pretty Little Things often have great two-piece suit sets ranging in sizes from regular to curvy. They have great stretch, washable and super affordable! 

Shop Offseason for Designer

I LOVE shopping designer pieces around holidays and after seasons. Why, because that is when you can buy staple pieces for a very low cost. Various designers like Saint Laurent & Valentino often have great classic bags that go on sale around that time for 50-75% the original price. Yes, its a gamble to wait to shop for bags you love, but if you are risk taker – go for it. 

Use Cash Back Rewards

I utilize a site called Ebates, it has hundreds of your favorite online and in store retailers with cash back ranging from 2%-15% cash-back. The service is completely free, all you have to do is click on the website you want to shop at though Ebates and that’s it – you get a check in the mail every 3-4 months. To learn more and to start making money use my link to sign up

Happy Shopping 🙂 Let me know what you get!

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