By Anthony B. Johnson

Policy Director

Office of Councilwoman 

Jan-Michele Kearney

Photo provided

Councilmember Jan-Michele Kearney announced #CincyBuyBlackThursdays, a public campaign calling on all Cincinnatians to support Black-owned businesses that have been adversely impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Data shows that the Black population in our country is being impacted by the COVID19 crisis at the highest rates — not just in terms of health, but economically as well,” says Kearney. “Many small and minority-owned businesses that did not receive their funds as part of the federal stimulus package, have fewer resources for securing investors, and face significant barriers in securing the capital needed to keep their businesses alive. That’s why I’m calling on all Cincinnatians to support Black-owned businesses every week on Thursday in honor of #CincyBuyBlackThursdays.”

As part of #CincyBuyBlackThursdays, Kearney re-launched the ​Black Business Directory​ — an online directory created by former Councilmember Tamaya Dennard that helps people find Black-owned businesses and professionals. Businesses can sign up to have their name, contact information, website, and a description of their business listed in the Black Business Directory at no charge.

“This is about more than free advertising,” explains Kearney. 

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Black community has become increasingly apparent in the last several weeks. While broad discussions have taken place about health disparities that make Black communities more vulnerable to the virus, the economic implications for Black people, particularly for small business owners in need of assistance, have gone largely under the radar.”

There is no charge to list or search for a business.    

Kearney added, “We all must work together so that we not only survive, but thrive.”

For more information about the Black Business Directory and #CincyBuyBlackThursdays, visit our new website:

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