The audience in the Racial Justice Coalition that was formed at the Urban Leagues offices. Photo by Brian Gerry

The audience in the Racial Justice Coalition that was formed at the Urban Leagues offices. Photo by Brian Gerry

By Brian Garry

Herald Contributor

A new racial justice coalition came together in Cincinnati ‬‬on June 23 at the Urban League of Southwest Ohio in Avondale.

Convened by Rev. Damon Lynch III and neighborhood activist Brian Garry, one of the main purposes of the meeting was to ask the youth who have been leading the marches and the changes in Cincinnati to take leadership of this new organization.  Many of the youth present gladly took up the challenge, and several youth were chosen as leaders to move the group forward.  The elders in the group, many of them with decades of experience in working for racial justice, eagerly signed up to be mentors, teachers and supporters for the up-and- coming leaders who have been so powerful in this spring and summer.  ‬

The Rev. Damon Lynch III, veteran Cincinnati activist and one of the organizers of the Racial Justice Coalition, and he encouraged leaders in the recent protests to step up and become more involved in racial justice issues. Photo by Brian Garry

Each of the approximately 60 people representing a wide range of organizations introduced themselves to the group, talking about themselves, and stating one thing people might not know about them.  For many, it was that they had learned another language.  

The group included people of every age, race, ethnicity, income and educational level, joined together by their deep desire for change.  The gathering was powerful and beautiful, as several participants noted.  

All groups interested in racial justice were invited to send a representative.

The Cincinnati Racial Justice Coalition is a multi racial, intergenerational coalition has representatives from various religions, nationalities, and social justice and human rights issues such as LGBT.

 With a focus on translating their protest into policies, the coalition is looking into future actions, and into introducing legislation for the City of Cincinnati and other governmental entities. 

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