Worshipers at Yeatman’s Cove ask their prayers for unity to be heard. Photo provided

Worshipers at Yeatman’s Cove ask their prayers for unity to be heard. Photo provided

By Erin Caproni 

Crossroads Church

Our world is aching for hope and unity amidst racial tension, and the church is able to offer that in a unique way. Congregations across Greater Cincinnati have formed Unified Cincy to more tangibly show unity and pray for hope, justice, reconciliation and peace in our city.

Unified Cincy Prayer walk Saturday morning from Yeatman’s Cove to Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati drew thousands of participants. 

Dee Garrett, a Northern Kentucky student athlete who attends the First Church in Grayson, Kentucky, marched the one-half-mile walk carrying this wooden cross. Photo provided

A number of churches participated in the prayer walk such as Antioch Countryside, Bethel Cincinnati Church, Crossroads Church, Vineyard Cincinnati of Cincinnati, Community Church and nearly 50 others.       

A mass choir provided gospel music at Yeatman’s Cove and Fountain Square for the thousands of people who attended the event. A number of ministers took part in the services such as the Rev. Paul Booth Jr., Pastor Kirk Kirkland of Revive City Church, Pastor Ruth Snell of New Life Chapel and the Rev. KZ Smith of Corinthian Baptist Church.

The Rev. KZ Smith, pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church, speaks to the audience. Photo provided

The event began with prayer and worship at Yeatman’s Cove, followed by a prayerful walk to Fountain Square where a second prayer and worship event took place.

Unified Cincy was created by a group of pastors in Greater Cincinnati and has grown to include nearly 50 participating churches. The movement was created to unite the Tri-State faith community to stand in solidarity against racial injustice to help bring hope, peace and reconciliation to our hometown.

Waving with the music at Fountain Square. Photo provided

“When we take our faith on the move, things change. Waters are parted, walls fall down, and healing takes place. God is calling us to take a step towards justice,” event organizers said in describing the heart behind the walk.

Sheri and Pastor Ennis Tait of the New Beginning Church of The Living God and their son Stephen enjoyed the music performed on the square. Photo provided

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