By Julie Sellers


Cincinnati Federation of Teachers

Teachers and communities are rallied across the nation on July 8 to ask their senators to pass the HEROES ACT. Here in Cincinnati the community was invited to join a COVID-19 safe rally outside Senator Portmanʼs Cincinnati office, at 312 Walnut St. in downtown Cincinnati, to encourage him to pass the HEROES ACT. 

“The Senate must act now to fund these essential services that are at the heart of our recovery and our ability to reopen our economy. Eighty-four percent of Americans support increased federal aid to protect healthcare, education, safety and other services and keep frontline workers on the job,” said Michelle Dillingham, MSW Organizer, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers.

On Wednesday, May 13, Democrats in the House of Representatives released their proposal for the next stimulus bill. The bill, titled Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, otherwise known as the HEROES Act, is only the first step in the negotiation process around the next COVID-19 stimulus bill. This bill has not yet been negotiated with the Senate, with Republican leadership, or with the administration. 

The HEROES Act focuses on a couple of key areas: Financial relief for states and local government, financial relief for individuals and families, increased testing and health care access, and a new Pandemic Premium Pay (also known as hazard pay or essential worker pay).

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