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Kelli Prather. Photo provided

Kelli Prather, occupational therapist, small business owner and community activist, has announced she will run for mayor of Cincinnati in 2021. 

Prather is a resident of Madisonville.  She notes that although Madisonville, like other parts of Cincinnati, is changing, there is so much opportunity for growth within the development. 

She is a product of the Cincinnati Public School system and a proud graduate of Withrow High School. 

She said she is excited about bringing a different voice that can offer a fresh perspective on how to keep Cincinnati moving forward.

Prather is working toward a doctorate in public policy; however, she took a sabbatical after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is currently in remission and, as a survivor, has become a staunch advocate for breast cancer research. 

She is also a domestic violence and gun violence survivor.  Health care, public safety (addressing gun violence) and affordable (income-based) housing will be several of her top priorities as mayor, she said.

Although the City of Cincinnati has witnessed its share of difficulties, Prather said she remains optimistic about the future of her beloved hometown. 

The citizens in Cincinnati deserve honest, diligent representation, Prather said.  She added she is running to restore integrity and confidence in the mayor’s office and give the people a strong voice.  Most citizens want a new approach to operating city government.

“I am ready to meet the demands of the people and create the changes that they want to see,” said Prather. “I humbly ask the people for the opportunity to serve them with bold leadership and a comprehensive new strategy of working together to advance the interests of all citizens.        “I am excited about bringing a fresh perspective, adding a different (and much needed) voice and transforming areas where individuals were once told they can’t into havens where it will be confirmed that together we can.”

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