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Public forum presented by Woman’s City Club —

“Threats to our Drinking Water”

Tuesday, November 17, 6:30 via Zoom

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Woman’s City Club invites the public to hear representatives of grassroots organizations Mary Aguilera and Shelly Corbin discuss

  • The numerous threats to the health of Ohio’s residents from polluted drinking water,
  • The disproportionate consequences pollution has on lower income communities, and
  • Impacts on drinking water, the issues of environmental justice they raise, and ways that we can alleviate these threats and injustices.
Shelly Corbin. Photo provided

Threats include radioactive oil and gas waste, brine spreading, the barging of radioactive oil and gas waste, wastewater injection wells, and the proposed Appalachian Petrochemical Hub. According to Aquilera, the petrochemical industry could “turn the rust belt into the plastic belt and it will impact communities up and down the river,” with greater damage to lower income areas, “less able to fight back” against industries.

Mary Aguilera. Photo provided

Aguilera is tri-chair of the Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, which is calling for a moral agenda that isn’t about the right versus the left — but rather right versus wrong, and lifting the voices of the 140 million lower-income Americans. Corbin of the Ohio Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaign is Itazipco/Mnicoujou of the Lakota Nation. As a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, she believes that the environmental preservation and diversity are essential to supporting life on this earth. She works on impacts to water quality stemming from oil and gas infrastructure and the fracking industry.

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