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Hey y’all, Hey! I’m Alex! I am a spicy, 30-something AfroLatina originally from Chicago and living in Cincinnati who is obsessed with beauty and rocking her natural hair. I have loved beauty since I was little girl….I remember watching my mom apply the iconic Maybelline mascara from the pink and green tube and a fabulous red Chanel lipstick, it was at that moment that I knew I would wear makeup! There was something beautiful and luxurious about watching my mom apply makeup that didn’t change the way she looked but rather enhanced her beauty. 

Beauty, to me, is about luxury and experimenting – from makeup to skincare to haircare! I Every woman is unique in that her beauty is her own and she can embrace it however she sees fit! I am excited to share some of my favorite beauty tips, my natural hair care routine and more! If you catch me and my curls outside, know that there Is probably a fabulous lip under my mask along with my glowing skin.

You can also follow me on social media – @brownpearlllc on Instagram.

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