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Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

First of all, sleep is VERY important for great skin. Let’s make sure you are getting plenty of rest. That’s one thing about me. Even though I am an entrepreneur, I earn my sleep honey. I told you, I don’t play about my face/skin.

Have you ever tried a face milk serum? I know what you’re thinking, what’s a face milk serum? The face milks are a collection of creamy serum-like products that are applied to the face for an added boost. As each face milk has a different theme or key ingredient, the benefits of each milk are different.

This one I am using has a calming ingredient. This is great for nighttime as it lets your skin sleep while you do.

How do you incorporate it into your night routine? Simple: After cleansing and toning your skin, swipe the milk all over your face and gently pat dry with your fingertips. It leaves behind a cool, dewy feel to refresh your face. You can use the serum day or night, or whenever you need a surge of hydration or brightening powers!

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