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Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

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It’s a new year so why not try a new lip color? I know some reading this may stick to their go-to colors such as red, pink or coral. However, there are so many varieties and variations of colors and textures that you can explore. Personally, I tend to stick to my nudes and pinks but every now and then I love to try new colors such as grey, purple and even green – yes green. Here are a few winter lipstick/gloss colors I would suggest trying, they are also ALL minority women owned lipstick lines.

What I love about all of them is they are great quality, texture and shine. These products range in matte’s, glosses, lipstick and lip gloss. Whatever type of texture or shine you need; these amazing lip lines have them. This season let’s support small owned businesses – they truly need it. In my opinion, and you all know I don’t play about my lipsticks – all have the same quality, cute packaging like billion-dollar brands do. 

So, where can you find these lip sticks and glosses? Click the link below to fulfill all your holiday lip color needs. Make sure you subscribe to their email list and follow them on social media as well.

Let me know which color you get!

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