Welcome to the third episode of The Cincinnati Herald podcast! The podcast with news you can’t get anywhere else! On today’s show we discuss the Inauguration of Joe Biden.

This week’s episode is hosted by John Alexander Reese (Digital Editor, The Cincinnati Herald) and Andria Carter (Media Consultant, The Cincinnati Herald). This week’s episode also features Zoey Becker (Intern, The Cincinnati Herald).

Inauguration Photos

Boarded up storefronts paralleling empty sidewalks makes the usually bustling city feel eerie- a stark contrast to the typical inauguration day celebrations. Photo by Zoey Becker
Security around the city was ramped up due to security threats following the attempted insurrection on Jan. 6. Armed National Guard members line the city and block off many street corners. Photo by Zoey Becker
Signs like these are common in the city on a normal day. Today, they serve as a reminder that D.C. residents who would typically show their support at the Capital must celebrate from home. Photo by Zoey Becker

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