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Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

Yes, you heard me right – a fridge for your skincare.  Skincare fridges are convenient way to store your necessary products of your skincare routine and make a great addition to your vanity. Did you know that chilling your skincare products is actually beneficial to your skin? The benefits of the cold skincare products constricting your blood vessels for a firmer and tighter appearance. This can also help with reducing dark under eyes or puffiness. 

I love keeping my moisturizer and jade roller in my skin fridge. I use the jade roller first after cleansing to help with tightening the skin and reducing redness, then use the cold moisturizer to seal it all in. So, what else should you store in your skin fridge?

  • Eye Creams
  • Face Mists
  • Face Sheet Masks
  • Products with a high concentration of Vitamin C
  • Moisturizers
  • Jade Rollers

Now, do you really NEED a skin fridge, no – the majority of skincare products are created to be stored at room temperature without any issues, unless the products recommend it to be stored. However, like anything put into the fridge it can help your skincare products last longer. You can find these cute skin fridges online or I found mine at TJ Maxx.

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