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As a woman of color with natural hair, I have struggled with finding products that truly worked for my strands. My hair falls into a few hair type categories (3A, 4A and 4B) therefore making sure I have the right balance of moisture and styling a difficult task. In the winter months, my hair takes a beating – from working out to running outside – she (my hair) is overworked! In my search for great hair care products, I came across THE DOUX. 

THE DOUX was created by ATL-based licensed cosmetologist, Maya Smith. She created salon-grade hair care solutions for people with textured hair who want dope results in half the time! THE DOUX is a cohesive blend of classic 90’s hip-hop and Sucka free hair care – essentially straight haircare, no chaser.  Having fallen in love with her product line, I became part of the #douxgang and my wash n’ go styling has never been the same.

From L to R – BIG POPPA defining gel, POP LOCK 5-day curl forming gel, and WOAH. deep conditioning mask. Photo provided

So, what’s a wash n’ go, you ask? A wash n’ go is a method of styling the hair with no heated tools and no additional manipulation after adding your favorite products – you literally wash, add product and let your hair dry. It’s my favorite styling technique because I don’t have to spend hours styling my hair and I won’t have any heat damage! The DOUX has created everything you need to create the perfect wash n go for your desired styling needs. 

Retaining moisture is HUGE for naturals! As I mentioned, my busy day to day life can zap moisture from my hair so, to combat that dryness, I use WOAH. deep conditioning mask after shampooing. This intensive hydrating treatment was formulated to assist the hair with retaining moisture, improve elasticity and keep the hair knot-free.

After I deep condition, I use a styling product. THE DOUX offers two great options that offer the most amazing wash n’ go results for my hair, POP LOCK 5-day curl forming gel and BIG POPPA defining gel. POP LOCK offers a firmer hold with loads of shine. This honey and Argan oil infused product will help create a bomb wash n go that will last for at least 5 days, which is just enough time before my next wash day. BIG POPPA is my absolute go to for a touchable, frizz free wash n’ go. This gel needs no other product to help it DOUX what it does – it works best on product free hair so, no need to apply a leave-in as it is already built into the formula. My hair lasts about 7 days or more with BIG POPPA.

I highly recommend all of The DOUX products which also includes shampoos, conditioners and other styling products.

Have you tried THE DOUX? If so, what are your faves?

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