Show love to your crown. 

Brittani Gray, Herald Beauty Contributor 

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“Flowers, Cards, and candy …. That’s nice and all, but what are you giving your hair during this month of love? Despite the pandemic, your mental wellness is essential. How you look and how you feel coincide with one another.

YOU stem from love, and we are going to activate your relationship with your hair. 

You can always book the luxurious hair day at the salon; however, after a couple of days and the natural curls are popping everywhere, the blowout has gone flat; it’s now up to you to spruce up the look.

Let’s upgrade your hair with Love Accessories; Accessories that you can adorn your tresses and feel beyond amazing. Throw off your co-workers who have been seeing those same slick backs, buns, ponytails on zoom, with bedazzled headbands, bobby pins with catchy phrases, and beautifully patterned silk scarves. Here are some of my favorite shops for “Love Accessories.” Loc jewelry:, Silk scrunchies/scarves:, Headwraps: Bonus! (this is a jewelry company and I sometimes use the earrings as hair decor, try it)

Before closing this article, I am sending all the love to Morgan A. Owens (Hey Girl) and The Cincinnati Herald Beauty to select me to share my voice with their incredible audience. I have many topics to cover, and I’m happy to share them with you throughout the season.

Be sure to stay with me as I take you on this hair journey, there is much to see.

Brittani Gray

Owner, Licensed instructor and hairstylist of HairKitchen LLC

Instagram: @Hairkitchen



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