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Tiffanie Burt, Beauty Contributor 

Have you ever thought “it’s time for a change” but didn’t know where to start or perhaps, you once did the big chop and now you’re in the process of figuring out just what to do next? Well, this is for you because you are me. 

In June of 2015 my mother, who lives in Cincinnati, called me (I live in New York – I mentioned this right?) and told me that she had been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. At the time, my mother had dreadlocks and well, I had just about everything happening with my hair. In August after she started to go through Chemo, she decided that it was time to cut her hair completely off. My next step and literally immediate response were that I was cutting my hair too. We were going to do this together. 

Fast forward, my mother is, by the grace of God, a TWO-TIME breast cancer survivor. For the most part over the years, I’ve kept the same low-cut fade and really only changed the color. I’ve done almost every color you can think of and loved it but more recently, I’ve decided that I wanted to change things up more. I wanted to try or see how my hair would look if I grew it out. This obviously wasn’t anything that I tried to transition with, with Covid-19 shutting down all of New York at once, I had to try and figure out what I wanted my hair to look like. Time away from my barber gave me time to experiment. 

If you’ve ever tried to experiment with your hair, you know things can get really interesting, really quick and for me, things definitely became interesting. After a while, I decided to allow my hair to just flow and do whatever it wanted to do. At one point when the city partly opened back up, I was able to visit my barber and chile, it was the fro for me. It was interesting to see that I had a baby fro that was so cute, well at least to me it was. I didn’t want to cut it so instead he shaped it and from there, my hair has been living it’s best unfiltered and when I say unfiltered, I mean untouched by licensed hands for a few months and between you and I, still are untouched. 

I had to figure something out and figure something out quick. With the texture of my hair changing because it had been processed with so many different colors, I knew it was time to build. I experimented with a plethora of deep conditioners and some really fun leave-in conditioners. With this, I found and fell in love with Mielle Organics. For those who have read my pieces before, you know I love a brand that is 1. Black-Owned and 2. Easily found in my local drugstore. You just can’t beat it.

Photo provided

My top favorites so far, are the Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner and Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Cream. Not only do they smell amazing, they literally feel like God’s hands gracing and massaging my scalp each and every single day.  Not to mention the monumental change that has taken place with my curl pattern, and the overall feel and texture of my hair. To put things short, incredible to say the least. 

So, this has already been long enough, if you’re doubtful on how to transition from bald to really anything, start by taking care of your hair first and I strongly recommend checking out Mielle Organics found in your local Duane Reade, Walgreens or everyone’s favorite place that could possibly land you a date, Target. 

Until next time loves and as always be well to yourself.


Tiffanie B. @itstiffanieb

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