Morgan A. Owens. Photo provided

Morgan A. Owens. Photo provided

t’s officially Pisces season! On Sunday, February 21st I celebrated my 35th Birthday (I know, I don’t look it). I’ve learned so much about beauty throughout the years, the good and the bad. For example, I am so glad I don’t shave my eyebrows anymore – some of those trends were a little scary looking back now. However, that is what beauty is all about – trying out new things and seeing what works for you and what does not.

This is a very special birthday issue, where I am sharing some of my favorite birthday related items and treatments that I tried leading up to my 35th. Some things may not be for everyone and that is okay. As the Chief Creative Beauty Consultant for Herald Beauty, I am not afraid to at least try something to share with my audience who may be curious or may be apprehensive to try something because of “social stigmas.” I’m here to encourage everyone to do whatever it is you need or want to do – to feel your best. I wanted to step in my 35th birthday feeling and looking my best and a truly did! 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite birthday lifestyle items, but also some new products that you can try on your special day or perhaps someone else! Most of these items can be found locally, but you can still get wherever you may live. Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday Skincare: Skin by Brownlee & Co, Exquisitely Whipped

One of my favorite skincare local products can be found at Skin by Brownlee & Co – Sylvia, the owner is a master at what she does and even has developed her own skin product line. Make sure you check her out and see how I keep my skin glowing for my birthday!

Exquisitely Whipped is another amazing local company, the whipped Shea Butter is EVERYTHING. This newest scent Strawberries & Cream is the perfect sweet birthday treat for my skin 🙂 

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Birthday Scent: Bond Madison Ave

Want to know my favorite scent? Especially on my birthday – It’s Madison Square Park by Bond which you can find at Saks Fifth Avenue, nationally or locally in downtown Cincinnati. It’s a little pricey but hey, you only celebrate your birthday once a year. 

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Birthday Hair/Skin Products:Hollywood Beauty Products

Want to know how I keep my scalp and skin healthy? Hollywood Beauty Products are always my go to. Whether it is taking care of my glowing skin, under wig scalp care or moisturizing my hands, feet and nails. Check out Hollywood Beauty Products so you can be glowing on your Birthday as well!

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Birthday Cocktail: Phoenix Spritz

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Now, this is not about beauty, but what’s a birthday without a great cocktail!? This is also a Black Owned Liquor Brand that you need to definitely check out and support. 

What You Will Need:

Phoenix Spritz Pineapple Coconut Vodka

-Raspberry Juice

-Pink Frosting

-Pink Sprinkles 


Line the Cocktail Rim in Pink Frosting

Dip in Pink Sprinkles

1 Part Phoenix Spritz Pineapple Coconut Vodka

1 Part Raspberry Juice

Pour into Chilled Glass and Enjoy!

I hope you will try some of my birthday favorites and as always please be sure to follow me on IG @morganangeliqueowens 

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