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Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

Injectables, Lasers and Fillers are nothing new, but there may be a “social stigma” on them when in fact there shouldn’t be. I decided to treat myself leading up to my 35th Birthday and try out a few of this luxe beauty trends at a local Medspa. These treatments don’t have to be overdone where your face does not move, or it looks like you had work done. They can still look natural and give your face a fresh look. 

Virtue RF

Here is a brand-new beauty treatment new to the area. I went to the Christ Medspa and they gave me the 411 about this amazing new machine/technology called The Virtue RF. This machine is comprised of micro-needles that do amazing things to your skin such as removing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s safe for all skin types and has no downtime. The process was very seamless, easy and did not hurt AT ALL. Numbing cream was applied to the areas I wanted to target, my lower face and upper neck. Like many Women of Color, I suffer from hyperpigmentation around my mouth and as I am getting older, I am seeing some neck lines (go to go). The treatment itself was quick and painless! It takes a little while to see results and a follow up treatment is needed – I’m excited to see how amazing it transforms my face!


I’ve shared that I’ve gotten Botox for many years for my migraines. However, I decided to try a little Botox on other parts of my face. I decided to get a little bit near my upper eyebrow, so my face appears a little lifted and awake. The injection was a quick pinch, and it was over. The results were not dramatic, which I don’t want them to be. Botox, when done correctly should look subtle and youthful. I would definitely do this more!

Lip Flip 

The name alone made me want to try this! Now, I’ve shared that I’ve already had filler in my lips a couple months ago, but I wanted to try this other alternative people get called, a “Lip Flip.” A small amount of Botox is injected above the top lip to make the upper lip look fuller. Again, it was a small pinch – a little bit more painful than in other areas – but hey, beauty is pain. Unlike lip fillers, there was no downtown at all. My lips did not swell, I only had a couple days where I couldn’t move my upper lip to its full function due to the Botox settling in – but my pout looked AMAZING. I would definitely do this again. 

Whatever treatment you choose or not choose to get, I recommend you do your search on the Medspa you go to. Read reviews, watch videos and really take your time making your decision. Although most of these treatments can be reversed, you still want to make sure you are in good hands with the provider you go to. I’ll be sharing more of my Medspa journey with you throughout the year. Let’s normalize Minority Women getting luxury beauty services with no guilt!

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