Leah Scurlock   

Makeup Artist/ Esthetician 

Herald Beauty Contributor 

If you want to pamper yourself and drop some coins on beauty products, I’ve got a list of some that are worth every penny.

Jo Malone- Vitamin E Scrub $102.00 (www.Nordstrom.com) is a gentle all over exfoliator packed with moisture from vitamin e oil and beeswax. The finest granules of natural sugar massage and exfoliate the skin with a naturally sweet scent. Take home this giant 21oz jar and watch your skin glow like honey.

Jo Malone. Photo provided

Creed- Aqua Fiorentina Perfume Oil $210.00 (www.NiemanMarcus.com) A fragrance line designed for royalty, will surely have some luxe products. This Perfume oil is decadent in its application and scent. Having sweet top notes of apple and plum, accompanied by sultry bergamot and rose, then finishing with woody cedar and sandalwood, make it balanced and feminine. Apply after a shower on the arms, legs and chest for a lasting fragrance and glowy skin.

Creed. Photo provided

Dior Prestige- Le Micro-Caviar de Rose $445 

This amazing serum comes in the form of tiny pearls that look like caviar. Filled with 22-micronutrients, they burst into the skin, hydrating and fighting the signs of aging. Give yourself lusciously plump skin and splurge at (www.Dior.com)

Dior. Photo provided

Gucci- Fluide de Beauté $68 Gucci has been giving the world luxury with their beautifully packaged cosmetic line. From bronzers to lipsticks women are feeling fancy pulling out their golden Gucci makeup. Their natural finish foundation is a winner with a wide shade range. *Herald Beauty Director Morgan A. Owens Birthday pick! (Www.Gucci.com

Gucci. Photo provided

Tom Ford- Lip Blush $55  At first glance this clear lip balm with gold flecks seems like one of those products that is pretty and pointless. But once you try it you will see there is more that meets the eye. It goes on clear moisturizing and healing, then instantly transforms your lips into a perfectly natural pink tint. Inspired by the Tom Ford fragrance Soleil Blanc it embodies the sun kissed,  golden vibes of a tropical vacation.  (www.tomford.com)

Tom Ford. Photo provided

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