By Leah Scurlock

Spring has officially sprung and to celebrate all the freshness around us I’ve got some great products that are not only environmentally green but green in color! Truly beauty is my favorite vegan brand. My daily skin regimen consists of three green skincare products. Matcha (green tea), aloe vera and hemp are just a few of the ingredients that make these products amazing, and beautiful. 

To cleanse my skin, I use the Super Matcha facial cleanser. Matcha to soothe and clear blemishes while vitamin b12 prevents dry out. Creamy and lightweight your skin will never feel stripped.

Super Matcha Facial Cleanser. Photo provided

For exfoliation the Matcha Green Tea sugar scrub. Glycolic acid reduces breakouts while Dead Sea salt and cane sugar whipped with coconut oil smooth and remove dead skin.

Match Scrub Whipped Face Scrub. Photo provided

My new favorite mask is the Hemp Jelly Anti-blemish face mask. Full of aloe vera this water based gel mask reduces blemishes and redness while hydrating the skin. It is perfect for dry oily or combination skin types. 

Hemp Jelly Anti-acne Face Mask. Photo provided

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