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By: Leah Scurlock

The bathtub is my sacred place. This is where I cleanse not only my body but my spirit as well. Being a water sign, a shower before bed is so important for me and just part of my nightly routine. But when I need to take the time to relax a bath is my go to!

I have 5 ways you can elevate your bath time and show you yourself some extra love!

  1. Bath salts- Adding a bath salt to your water is a great way to relax your muscles and detox your body. Whether you like to make one at home yourself or you have a favorite brand, it’s an inexpensive way to make bathtime special 
  2.  Bath oils-  Nothing is more decadent than a good smelling bath oil. Add simple olive oil for moisture or any of your favorite essential oils such as lavender, myrrh or rose. Play around with a combination that works for you and your needs. 
  3. Candles- You don’t have to have a romantic night planned to add candles to your bathtime. Set the mood for yourself with the intention to relax and show yourself some love with your favorite scented candles, or lay out tea candles for a beautiful glowing ambiance. 
  4. Bubbles- a bath wouldn’t be right with out some bubbles! The easiest way to elevate your soak time is with your favorite bubble bath or body wash and let the suds wrap you up!
  5. Flower Petals- Add some flowers to your  bath water along with positive affirmations, prayers or thoughts. Rose petals are great for self-love, dried lavender is perfect for calming relaxation

*Here’s an easy bath salt recipe!

¼ cup of sea salt (any salt will do) 

5-6 drops of lavender essential oil

3-4 drops vanilla essential oil 

2 tablespoons of natural oil (olive, coconut, or vitamin e) 

Mix ingredients together and store in a glass jar or ziploc bag add to warm bath water before you add bubbles. Enjoy! 

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