Photo provided by Morgan A. Owens

Hey everyone! Has anyone been through the car buying process? Most likely, yes. How many have gone through it by yourself? Not me. As a true daddy’s girl, my Dad has always helped me with my car buying journey. From what car to get, to what dealership, to financing, price negotiation and really everything that has to deal with cars. I realize at age 35, I probably should research and learn about this process for myself. However, I feel like many – that car dealerships can oftentimes be misleading, and not very “fair” or beneficial to a woman who knows nothing about cars. I know I am not that only one.

Over the course of the rest of the year,  I will be documenting my car buying journey on my Blog. I want to not only help myself, but many women who are in the same boat as me. I’ve also been very fortunate and after great talk and research to have the help of SVG Motors along my journey. After talking to their team and discovering they have many Women on staff but are also minority owned – made me feel at ease about jumping into this process. So, let me know what questions you have about buying a car and I will touch upon it over the course of my journey.

Stay tuned!

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