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So, what’s the first step in buying a car? I asked William Parks from SVG Motors his top 3 things you should keep in mind when/if you are ready to buy a car. Those are:

1. Research
Knowing what it is you are looking for.  What sort of mileage, brand, and price range you are looking for.

2. Affordability
Do not just think cheaper is better. You may be wasting money by constantly looking for $5000 cars or less which typically will be quicker to break down and need to be replaced more often. Having a more expensive car usually means having a more reliable car.  

3. Commit
Often customers find a vehicle that they like or fit every portion of their needs but will not pull the trigger thinking that they might strike lightning twice.  But what often happens is they leave and look for another vehicle which typically isn’t available anymore then they come back to the original vehicle only for another person to have made the decision and the indecisive customer misses out on both vehicles. As well as wasted a few hours and will have to waste a few more hours to get back to the point they had previously already been in.  If you like the car and it checks your boxes, buy the car.  Don’t cause yourself that extra stress.

These are all great tips and will help me tremendously  in my car buying journey! Stay tuned for more of my journey and great car information from SVG Motors.

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