By Tiffanie N. B., MPS.

Digital Strategist, Lead Beauty Writer, Serial Bargain Beauty Shopper

Spring is in full force and as the months get hotter, we all want to simply wear less. Here are 3 products to try to stay beautiful and keep up with spring trends. 

Fenty Flash Nap

Late nights and early mornings are definitely a sure fire sign that Spring is here and because on Sundays we brunch, to go home and catch up on the TV we’ve missed throughout the week, just to get up the next day and go to work. Fenty recently released a part of it’s Fenty’s Skin skin, “Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel Cream.” This cream is a simple two-in-one eye cream that can also be used as a concealer primer that can instantly wake the eye area up and give it your tired-looking eyes an instant boost that makes them look as if you actually had that full 7 hours of sleep. 

Sephora – $32.00

Fenty Flash Nap. Photo provided by

Fenty Eaze Drop

Done with how heavy your foundation feels in the summer? The next best choice is Fenty’s Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint. With 25 different shades to choose from, this skin tint is perfect for the days when you don’t want a full face but want a smooth look for dinner that night. This skin tint instantly covers blemishes and provides you with light coverage that’s easy to apply because we all know with the weather feeling great, we’re all going to be looking for ways to keep our skin looking good and in a hurry. 

Sephora – $29.50

Fenty Ease Drop. Photo provided by

Fenty Body Sauce 

Almost like a revamp or an enhancement of Fenty’s Body shimmer, the Body Sauce is a lighter version that provides your skin a glowing body tint. Have a photoshoot, but remember those scars from your childhood that we all have or simply put, have a dress that you want to wear and  you’re looking for something simple to give your skin a smoother, silky texture? This is for you. The good thing, this product is also transfer and sweat resistant so you can go out into the world with the skin you want and deserve to have. 

Sephora – $48.00

Fenty Body Sauce. Photo provided by

Sometimes we just want to enhance the skin we’re already in without having to put on or do so much. These three products are definitely must haves to add to your beauty catalog that will instantly give you skin that makes you feel comfortable and confident this Spring.

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