National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Photo by John Alexander Reese

By Cody Hefner

Freedom Center 


Incarceration inflicts short- and long-term harms on the lives of those incarcerated as well as their loved ones and communities. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, in partnership with the National Civil Rights Museum and Families Against Mandatory Minimums, is examining the role race plays in mass incarceration in an upcoming virtual discussion. Modern Day Abolition: Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice brings together a panel of experts to discuss the range of collateral consequences of criminal conviction, including impediments to the restoration of rights, lingering social stigma and barriers to reentry into society. The panel will also break down the impact of incarceration on families, including on children of current and formerly incarcerated parents.

Photo shows a chain gang of youths working in the South during Jim Crow days. Provided

The discussion will be led by the Freedom Center’s scholar in residence, Dr. Jennifer Suchland, alongside:

  • Veda Ajamu, Director of Community Engagement, National Civil Rights Museum
  • Kevin Ring, President, Families Against Mandatory Minimums
  • Dr. Ebony Ruhland, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

The event is 2 p.m., Tuesday, May 25.    

WHERE: Zoom. Register at

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