All packed and ready to go! Photos provided by Morgan A. Owens

Morgan A. Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Vaccinated and ready to GO! I’ve been traveling a lot lately for work, still safely and still masked up! However, traveling these days I’ve made sure I bring some beauty/lifestyle necessities to help me navigate traveling and keeping my skin and lifestyle routines healthy and happy.

Safe Travels!


With wearing Mask’s don’t forget to take care of your skin, especially before and after flying. Here are a few skincare travel products I always pack and why:

• Makeup Wipes – This is an easy and quick way to remove your makeup after a long day, or a refresher for your face after a flight. All that recycled air and wearing a mask can really build oil and dirt onto your skin.

• Toner, Brightener, Moisturizer Set – Little skincare sets like this are lifesavers, they are compact enough to take in your travel bag and TSA approved.

• Evian Water Mist – I like to use this as a refresher after a flight, pair this with a makeup wipe and your skin will feel refreshed.

Keeping your skin travel fresh is key.


• Mini Brush Set – No need to take your larger more expensive brushes on your trip, these mini brush sets from Sephora are the perfect fit.

• Beauty Blender Besties Set – Pouch, Scrub Mat, Cleanser and Beauty Blender – All your beauty application needs in a small pouch! This kit comes complete with a beauty blender and cleaner!

Beauty essentials include mini brushes and a beauty blender.


• Hand Sanitizer – This should stay a staple in your travel kit. I love Dove’s hand sanitizer because it is very nourishing on your skin. Hand sanitizer can dry those hands out, but this is one of my favorite hand sanitizers to keep my hands soft.

• Disinfectant Spray – this small little Lysol spray is a game changer, small enough to take on the plane – spray your seat down, spray your tray down – a lot of airlines have started going back to business as usual so make sure you still stay protected.

• Travel Wipes – these mini pouches are a great option to pack on your travel journeys, easy wipes to clean down whatever you need.

With COVID still in the air, don’t forget your safety essentials.


• Travel Perfume – Don’t forget to pack your favorite scent in the perfect travel size

• Body Oil – this is a perfect mini luxury treat – perfect for taking to warmer weather locations to give you a fresh and healthy glow

• Satin Hair Ties – These satin hair ties are the perfect fit for traveling and they are good for your hair so your hair won’t break off on the go.

• Vitamins – Don’t forget to continue your daily healthy lifestyle – there are an array of travel size vitamins to pack. I like the Bloat be Gone ones because while traveling you may indulge a little bit and you don’t want your gut to give you any problems.

Don’t forget your vitamins and a spritz of your fave perfume.

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