Photo provided by Morgan Owens

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

You can find great beauty spas everywhere you go. My latest travels brought me to Indianapolis. I was so excited to find Dr. Carla of Bella Body & Skin Studio. Rarely did we see Black Women Injectors in our region, so I was so happy to see there was a Medspa in Indy that offered more luxe skin and body treatments. Bella Body and Skin Studio was founded in order to help not just women, but everyone feel beautiful in their own healthy skin and bodies and to increase sense of wellness and well-being.

Carla Jenkins is the founder of Bella Body and Skin Studio. She has 20 years of nursing experience in various areas of critical care. Currently a doctoral candidate, she has been a nurse practitioner for the past ten years working in general adult medicine as well as specialties of nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology, vascular surgery and psychiatry. She has always taken a personal interest in skin care and general health and well-being. 

Photo provided by Morgan Owens

She suggested I try Dysport vs. Botox. So, what’s the difference? Botox and Dysport are both popular products for addressing common skin issues. These injectable medicines relax your facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. It really just depends on your issues/needs and what the best one your injector suggests. Dr. Carla told me she likes Dysport for Women of Color. 

Did you know besides beauty, Botox/Dysport can help with other issues? Such as excessive sweating and migraines I’m on a mission to spotlight and educate more about fillers/injections- it’s the self-care for me💕

Bella Body & Skin Studio offers a range of boutique beauty and body services, make sure you go check her out on IG @bellabodyandskinstudio  and visit her website,

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