Photos provided by Morgan A, Owens

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Luxe Beauty, everywhere I go. One of my top cities/audiences is in Atlanta so I decided to check out some of the best minority women who specialize in luxe skin aesthetics and procedures. Check out my in-depth Q&A with Jesika Olguin of Advanced Aesthetics Artistry is Atlanta. You can also follow her on IG @Advancedaestheticsartistry 

How long have you been injecting? 

I have been injecting for almost 5 years now. Although most of the procedures I perform are elective, I also provide aspiration of seromas and a network or professionals that work together in ensuring post op recovery and safety.

What made you want to start doing injectables? 

Well, after nursing school I started off not really knowing which specialty I would pursue. I tried urgent care for a few years and learned so much, along with learning how to work under pressure. Then I had the opportunity to work in an OR for a plastic surgeon and see transformations for myself. I actually went to art school first and finding out that I could possibly have room to apply my creativity was life changing. After that, I dove into everything aesthetics and tried to learn as much as I could. Injecting can definitely be very scary at first but trusting myself through the process has been what helped me excel.

Is it a myth that you should start doing Botox or other wrinkle relaxers when you get to a certain age? 

There is no exact age or range where you should start. Botox and other products help with the wrinkles, but prevention is key. You can start earlier than others due to your own facial structure, lifestyle habits, extreme fluctuations in weight as well as maintaining a youthful look. Regardless of the age where you begin to use these products, you must develop a personal skincare routine and supporting lifestyle habits. You can also spend lots of money on all these products and it all go to waste with lifestyle choices. 

Photo provided by Morgan A, Owens

How common do you see minority women getting fillers/injectables? 

I actually service many minorities and women of color. The key is facial balancing; every woman has a different structure, and we need to stay true to that. 

Why do you think it’s frowned upon to some minorities? 

It’s quite possible that the cost of starting injectables along with maintenance can be a key topic in that debate. However, I find that no matter what the background, women are seeking to feel and look as youthful as possible. The vanity that comes with aesthetics has become a sort of double-edged sword where everyone wants to shun it but be part of it at the same time.

We injected Botox in my chin and below lip line – what are the benefits of that? 

That session was set up to treat or rather the prevention of marionette lines. These are the lines that form around the mouth and can be compared to the marionette string puppets and the lines formed around how their mouths were built to move. 

How often do you have to maintain your filler/injections? 

For Botox, depending on your lifestyle it would be every 3-6 months for proper maintenance. For fillers though, it will be as needed, and I am not afraid to cut someone off from doing too much. Again, my goal is always facial balancing and making sure we keep your health at the forefront of any session.

Photo provided by Morgan A, Owens

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