Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

Christian Bradley

Title: Founder-Chief Styling Officer

Business Name: Fly 4 The Low LLC

What made you start your business? 

What made me start my business is the simple fact there is a need in the community to help men, more specifically black and brown men how dress affordably for any occasion…especially for interviews and professional roles. There is a population of men who don’t have the basic attire to interview or work in…or better yet…believe that dressing  professionally is expensive. I want to dispel that myth.

How does it empower you as a Black Man in the Fashion Field? 

What’s empowering to me is that “I make the clothes…the clothes don’t make me.” I can buy a suit off the rack from Macys and make that suit look like I had it custom made. Being able to look good for an affordable price is the biggest, “flex” for me and helping men do the same thing is as equally empowering. Sharing the knowledge is also very empowering and gratifying as well.

What are 3 of your favorite fashion items you can’t live without? 

Blue Suit, Light Blue Shirt, White casual sneakers

Anything else our Herald readers should know about you? 

I’m a Talent Acquisition Partner at Trihealth and have been the in the HR/Recruiting space for 7+ years. I’m a native of Cincinnati, attended the University of Cincinnati where i majored in History and a currently reside in the diverse neighborhood of North Avondale. My interest include, but aren’t limited to history, politics, fitness, men’s fashion, basketball and football (die hard SF 49ers fan). I also have an amazing 16 yr old daughter names Olivia who’s currently a Junior at Fairfield Highschool.

How can we support you?

Just spread the word the Fly 4 The Low is in the business of helping men enhance their personal style while maximizing their wardrobe potential…AFFORDABLY. Please visit the website at 

Follow us on Instagram fly_4_the_low and like our FB page Fly 4 The Low.

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