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Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

It’s the end of Hot Girl Summer ya’ll. That means when we can, get in these last pool days here in Cincinnati. Regardless whether you’re in the Tri-State Area or not, you can use these Poolside Essentials to make the most of your pool day solo or with your crew. You know me, I do everything a little “extra” so I have to have the right supplies for this Boss Babe.

Poolside USB Portable Fan

Hear me out. While sitting Poolside it can get HOT, so what better way to make sure you’re still cooling off then with this cordless, blameless fan I found off Amazon. Let me tell you, looking cute in the heat hits different after 30. What I love about this fan is its completely rechargeable with a USB, it has various fan settings, and it has an internal light that you can change to whatever color you want. Trust me, with this bad boy you’ll look like the coolest, boggiest boss babe at the pool. 

Wine Cooler Bag

Your cooler game has stepped up. This is the perfect solo wine cooler bag for your luxe pool day experience. What I love about this bag is the color – I mean you can’t go wrong with translucent Pink. This will keep your wine or whatever beverage you decided to sip on by the pool cold. 

The Perfect Snack: Mini Charcuterie Bites

Now, ya’ll know how I feel about charcuterie boards – how perfect are these mini charcuterie boards I found at Target. This saves time on making your own, when you can just stock up on these in your fridge, pop one out when you’re headed to the pool and enjoy poolside during your luxe pool day. 

Skincare Essentials 

While it’s our last #hotgirlsummer pool day, we still need to make sure we are taking care of your skin as well. 

Bliss Blockstar Sunscreen 

Bliss Blockstar Mineral SPF is just what you need! This is a 100% mineral sunscreen with no chemical sunscreens, irritation, white cast, chalkiness, greasy sheen or clogged pores.

Black Girl Sunscreen 

This sunscreen is broad spectrum with an SPF of 30. It is lightweight and eliminates all white residue. It has been specifically crafted for women of color.

Shea Moisture Gotu Kola & Raspberry Seed Oil After-Sun Body Glee

Revive and rehydrate skin after a long day in the sun with this moisturizing, refreshing after-sun gelee treat! This lightweight nourishing formula, infused with Gotu Kola and Aloe, helps to balance hydration while leaving skin with a sun-kissed glow.

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