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By: Felicia Jordan

CINCINNATI — Ballots have been counted and the results of a packed Cincinnati city council race have been determined.

Officially elected are:

  • Jan-Michelle Kearney
  • Greg Landsman
  • Reggie Harris
  • Meeka Owens
  • Victoria Parks
  • Scotty Johnson
  • Jeff Cramerding
  • Mark Jeffreys
  • Liz Keating
City Councilmembers. Provided by WCPO

The newly-elected council is comprised of 8 Democrats and just one Republican: Liz Keating.

The pool of candidates running for council was 35 people deep — in 2017 there were only 23 candidates on the ballot. This year, every seat on council was up for re-election.

Of all the candidates who filed, only one was an incumbent: Previously-seated council member Greg Landsman.

Jan-Michelle Kearney, Liz Keating, Betsy Sundermann and Steve Goodin were all appointed following either a member’s resignation or the removal of previous members after corruption charges.

Former council member Amy Murray stepped down in February 2020 to take a political appointment in the U.S. Department of Defense. She was replaced by Betsy Sundermann in March 2020.

FBI agents arrested former council member Tamaya Dennard on Feb. 25, 2020 and she later pleaded guilty to honest services wire fraud that June; In Nov. 2020, a judge sentenced her to serve 18 months in prison. She was replaced by Jan-Michelle Kearney — an appointment made by PG Sittenfeld after Dennard stepped down, but before Sittenfeld himself was arrested.

Former councilman Jeff Pastor will face trial in May 2022 after he was arrested by the FBI in November 2020 on charges that he took $55,000 in bribes during his first term on council. He faces charges of conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, bribery, attempted extortion and money laundering, which, if convicted, could send him to prison for several years.

Pastor was replaced by Steve Goodin, tapped in by Judge Ralph Winkler in Nov. 2020.

PG Sittenfeld will face trial not long after Pastor, in June 2022. He became the third council member arrested by the FBI on public corruption charges in 2020. Before his arrest, Sittenfeld was considered the front-runner to win the Cincinnati mayoral race this year.

A 20-page indictment charged Sittenfeld with two counts of honest services wire fraud, two counts of bribery and two counts of attempted extortion. He was replaced by Liz Keating, who was appointed as an interim replacement by Winkler.

View full results below:

Cincinnati City Council
100% of precincts reporting
Jan-Michele Kearney7%28,161
Greg Landsman7%26,532
Reggie Harris7%25,305
Meeka Owens6%23,707
Victoria Parks6%22,443
Scotty Johnson5%19,888
Jeff Cramerding5%19,356
Mark Jeffreys5%18,433
Liz Keating5%17,156
Michelle Dillingham4%15,618
Phillip O’Neal4%14,995
Kevin Flynn4%13,665
Betsy Sundermann4%13,599
Steven Goodin3%12,594
Jim Tarbell3%11,526
Brian Garry3%10,066
Thomas Brinkman Jr.3%9,642
John Williams2%8,200
LaKeisha Cook2%7,021
Jackie Frondorf2%6,815
Jaime Castle2%6,266
Peterson Mingo1%5,163
Evan Holt1%5,013
Kurt Grossman1%4,876
Bill Frost1%4,614
Galen Gordon1%4,107
Stacy Smith1%4,007
Te’Airea Powell1%3,988
Jalen Alford1%3,066
Rob Harris II1%2,587
Andrew Kennedy1%2,399
John Maher1%2,117
Logan Simmering0%1,608
K.A. Heard Jr.0%1,461
Nick Jabin0%1,319

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 Cincinnati.

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