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Owner: Angel Heard

What made you start your business? 

I saw at a very young age that I was really good at something and I could make a profit doing what I loved to do. The spark for me was as a young teenager my friends wanting to pay me to do their hair like mines. It grew into not only friends and family, but lots of other people not only being interested into my hair styles but also showing an interested in the hair products I would create for myself. I saw that I could profit money off of doing simply what I love to do.

How does it empower you as a black woman in the Beauty Field?

My business empowers me as a black woman in the beauty field because I look at black women who were before me in this industry like Madam C.J Walker. I try to imagine the time period she lived in, and how many times she had to hear “NO” before she got her first “YES”. Madam C.J Walker NEVER gave up despite the obstacles she had to deal with such as racism, sexism, and also her own peers. If she could overcome all of that during her time on this earth in that particular time period, I know I have it in me to take her baton and run as fast as I can towards the finish line.

What are (3) of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

My daily facial routine, Facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and serum

My hair growth oil

My eyelashes (A girl has to have a little drama lol)

Anything else you want the readers to know about you?

I am a person who society said the odds was stacked against. I was told being a teen mom that I most likely wouldn’t be able to finish school, pursue my dreams & make my goals happen. I am here to tell you today after being a teen and single mom that it is possible! You can be and do what you want to do what you want in your life if you work hard, stay consistent, and make sacrifices. Don’t ever give up! You may have to do things differently but there is AWAYS a way! I finished school 3 times after having kids as a teen. There aren’t any goals in life my life that I feel I can’t achieve let alone that I have already accomplished. I want people to know my testimony especially for the young black women out there. I want them to know that you are not doomed for the decision you made while being young and immature. I want to help motivate and inspire young ladies that think it’s over that it is NEVER too late! You can be whatever it is you want to be!

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