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By Wayne W. Sloan

Business and Personal

Insurance Specialist

Restaurant Business owners: Your main thing hasn’t changed. To assure a healthy bottomline, always manage what you have control over.

Paradigm Changes are inevitable. The rapid growth of online food delivery services has disrupted the traditionally offline restaurant industry – Meal-delivery companies are a symbol of what might be the most powerful force in business today: convenience maximalism.”

Restaurant business owners have and must continue to develop and redefine their systems and products to meet the ever changing needs of their customers. You may have one, two, or over 20 food establishments or distribution centers. Continue to “Think big.” Expand your vision for your operation, training department, and always look for your new cutting edge.

The secret to your success is determined by how well you manage your many systems in your restaurant. What are the major systems that must be managed?

      •     Impressing each customer. Delivering extraordinary service. Know your service goals

      •     Your team’s motivation and morale

      •     Employee sanitation practices, your employees grooming and hygiene

      •     Your ongoing training and  development for your front line and  back of the house crew team members. Do you have a system for ongoing management training?

      •     Food safety. Your systems for product delivery, product storage, your raw product quality assurance, your cooking procedures times and  temperatures  

      •     Do you have an equipment planned maintenance program in place?

      •     Your product nutrition publication for diabetics, sodium and calorie content, and allergies

      •     Soft drink and coffee machine calibration

      •     How often do you change your menu to keep pace with your customers taste, and preferences, removing products, and adding products to give customers what they want.

      •     Product pricing, are they updated regularly in your computer system?

      •     Are you using your computer systems to manage your business?

      •     Your procedures for managing customer complaints

      •     Crew cleaning tasks inside & outside the building, pest control

      •     Tracking and managing the part of your business: tracking/managing your 3 Big cost controllables, food cost, food waste and labor cost. Your food and inventory management, your daily cash reports, your monthly profit and  loss statement and balance sheet, your sales projections hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually  

Business owners, your main thing hasn’t changed. To assure a healthy bottomline, always manage what you have control over.

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