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Contributed by Cincinnati Animal CARE  

With 514 lost animals entering the shelter in the last 22 days, Cincinnati Animal CARE is currently housing more than double the amount of animals the shelter was built for and is dangerously overcrowded. Without immediate help from the community, the shelter will be forced to house multiple dogs per kennel, something that hasn’t been done in the Hamilton County Shelter since Cincinnati Animal CARE took over operations in August of 2020.

“This is the worst it’s ever been,” said Ray Anderson, Community Engagement Manager. “Every kennel is full, every backup kennel is full, the emergency backup kennels are full, and we’ve resorted to putting dogs in crates… but there’s no more room for crates either.”

Housing multiple animals per kennel was common practice in the days of the “dog pound,” but is not a safe solution for the animals or the humans who handle them. This problem can be solved with families retrieving their lost pets, adoptions, and new foster homes. “Our foster families are our lifeblood,” said Anderson. “We have a lot of college students who foster with us and are out of town now that classes are out. We desperately need new fosters to fill that void. You will literally save a life today. Fostering is free, temporary, we provide supplies and medical care, you provide a safe, loving home.”

Persons interested in fostering can sign up at:

Families interested in adopting can browse adoptable dogs at:

Call 513-541-7387 to contact Cincinnati Animal CARE.

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