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For some of us, we’ve found new loves over this past year for things that just make our skin feel good. For me, the one thing I’ve become a little bit obsessed with as you can tell from last week, is my love or fascination for serums.

Last week we chatted about my top two go-tos currently in my beauty catalog which included Sephora’s C+E Ultra Glow Serum. This past week, I decided to dive a little bit deeper into the world of serums but more so serums that I can find at my local drugstore (Duane Reade, Walgreens, etc.). I wanted to search these stores because if you’re like me, traveling to a Sephora or Ulta Beauty every time I’m looking for one product turns into a shopping spree of things I don’t need but definitely always want. So, I decided to take another route in being more uh, financially responsible, new year new me, me please! – Let’s just call it that for now and I visited my local Walgreens to see what all I could find.

We’re all familiar with the household brand, Shea Moisture but did you know the brand has more recently tapped into facial skincare products? If you were, how come you didn’t tell us!? Ok, but seriously, I wasn’t aware and when I saw next to my Garnier Rose Water, Shea Moisture’s “100% Virgin Coconut Oil Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Coconut Milk & Acacia Senegal” and “African Black Soap Overnight Resurfacing Serum with AHA/BHA”, I had to instantly grab both. My heart definitely skipped a beat. It was literally like seeing the day and night of serums right in my face so why not, right!?

I’ve been using only one of these products for a week now and I am, just as I thought, completely in love and it’s the resurfacing serum. I started using this product instantly because, once again if you’re like me, you probably have some blemishes you want to see disappear and for them to disappear, QUICK! My favorite part of winding down for the night, is sipping a glass of cabernet sauvignon and using this serum because of the way it’s been relaxing my skin before I sleep and I have already started to feel a difference in the overall feel and look of my skin. It’s also proven to be the best thing at night to prep for my morning routine as well.  I recently started using the Coconut Oil Hyaluronic Acid Serum but I’ve only been using that serum for a day or so. I’ll have to report back on that next week but for now, the overnight serum is differently a win and has earned its place in my beauty catalog.

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