Island Breeze from Imperium is by GenEssecents, a Black-owned company. Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

Dr. Anisa Shomo,

Herald Beauty Contributor

There has been a debate in the deodorant industry for years about whether aluminum products have been linked to health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. There has not been any evidence that suggests that we should throw away the aluminum, however, the most recent review of the evidence recommends that we continue to study this matter over time*. Aluminum is a metal that occurs naturally in the environment. It is used in a variety of health and beauty products in small amounts for different purposes. It is the main ingredient of antiperspirants as it helps to prevent sweating. Deodorants that lack aluminum help you smell fresh, but they will not keep you from sweating. With this information it is up to you to decide to aluminum or not to aluminum. I alternate between the two types of products. I have sensitive skin that tolerates aluminum free products better. There are stressful days when I prefer the brand of antiperspirant that works well for me.

If you decide that you would like to venture into the aluminum free, natural deodorant realm here are a few suggestions:

  1. Native, Coconut & Vanilla scent, $12 from Target
    • Pros: works very well, lasts all day, good scent
    • Cons: more expensive than some options
  2. Imperium by GenEsscents, Island Breeze, $12 from
    • Pros: works well, Black-owned, ships easily, strong scent
    • Cons: website does not explain the scents well, uses pictures
  3. Tom’s of Maine, Natural Strength, Fresh Powder Scent, $8 from Amazon
    • Pros: works well, cheaper option than some others, good scent
    • Cons: have to reapply some days, definitely does not last 48 hours as the product claims

*Klotz et al. The Health Effects of Aluminum. Dtsch Arztebl Int. 2017 Sept; 114 (39): 653-659.

I hope that you are able to stay as fresh as you would like to be with whatever choice or choices that you decide. Fresh and beautiful

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