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Change of season has come again, that means new skincare routines/products. I’ve asked Lexi, Aesthetic manager & esthetician at HerMD for her best advice on transitioning Summer Skincare.

1. Ending the summer means fall is coming quickly, giving us some time to prepare for PEEL SZN. Some steps to take to prepare your skin for any chemical peels starts with consulting with a skincare professional on which peels they may think is best suited for you. Having a game plan in place will always bring better results. Doing a HydraFacial, Dermaplaning, a lighter peel a few times prior to peel season is important as the skin shouldn’t be ‘shocked’ with highly concentrated acids without prep. lessen the amount of exfoliating a week prior to a chemical peel. This leaves the barrier intact for a more even coverage with the acids. Finally, prepare your post peel regime at home. Gentle cleansers, occlusives like Aquaphor, moisturizers, and sunscreen. 

2. Fire up the Humidifier! At home and in the office! The dry air doesn’t help our skin. Adding moisture back into the air helps alleviates dry skin, skin irritations, redness, itchiness, and so much more.

3. Changing your skincare regimen according to the seasons – yes, that’s a thing! You may want to start adding creamy cleansers, thicker moisturizers, hydration masks, more lip balms, and a different eye cream. Remember that as we change up your regimen it’s important to do 1 thing at a time and to add products slowly to lessen the chance of a reaction. 

4.The skin on your body needs lovin’ too! Hydrating lotions directly after you shower will help lock in moisture. adding Aquaphor to your hands + feet before bed and applying gloves and socks on top will have you waking up with the softest phalanges!

5. Deep cleaning – That means just as you may switch your closets over from summer to fall, clean out your makeup, old skincare products, haircare products, wash makeup brushes…. you get the point! 

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