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Dr. Anisa Shomo,

Herald Beauty Contributor

I have been fighting a lot of battles this past year. One of the largest was the next level of my cervical cancer battle: hysterectomy due. The past 2 years have been challenging for the health of multiple family members but this year it intensified. Suddenly, we were battling cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, gun violence, anxiety, depression, COVID-19, and more. Many family members lost their lives. So here we are trying to pick up the pieces. It has been a lot for one family to endure in one year. Now we must go on with the memories of our loved ones and our own battle scars. I continued my health battle and had the hysterectomy. After the surgery, I did not have much energy to comb my hair and my hair became matted. I decided to ask for help from my hair stylist, Tiffany of Tiffany’s Beauty and Barber Studio. Prior to this, I scheduled natural hair blowouts every 3 months to have my hair trimmed. During this time of perpetual grieving, I decided to let someone else care for my hair. I have not had braids in years, but I knew Tiffany to be an amazing artist of braids. I tried traditional and crochet box braids. I love the convenience of crochet box braids. Especially, when I was informed about the ability to purchase braids on Amazon. This Fall, I will be rocking red ombre crochet braids to support my favorite football warriors as they battle each week on the field. They give me energy to cope with the battles of my personal life. You win some, you lose some. You try your best to keep going despite your scars. 

Amazon Recs for Crochet Box Braids: (1) Gottin Hair Crochet Box Braids, $31 for 6 packs (2) Palmer’s Shine Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil, $7 (3) Heerf Waterproof Bonnet Extra Large, $15

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